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“If you can imagine something that is beyond all the limitations,then, you have the urge to conquer the world.”
We believe that Imagination is not only the unique human capacity to envision the unperceived and undiscovered , but also the foundation of all inventions and innovations. If one has to reach for the ultimate then one must be able to think beyond the conventions.
Thus, keeping all these things in mind, we here at AKGEC organize the national-level paper presentation event called SCROLLS (Students creative and Oratory Learning Skills)’15 which aims at raising one’s excellence towards the zenith so that they can become the technocrats of tomorrow. This event is not only for the engineering field but also for the management ones. Budding pioneers from management domain and various branches of engineering like Computer Science, Information technology, Tele-communication, Mechanical and Electrical and Civil are invited in this event. It is just an effort to manifest a horizon for all the addicts of the technology to partake their knowledge for a better future. Hence, it is the right time for all of us to unite together and explore all the unimaginable and untouched categories in the large world of science, surmounting the peak of engineering and management, giving them a chance for the best future they can hope for.


1. Application of Nano technology in health monitor treatment.
2. Power Generation using Nano-carbon tubes.
3. Cryogenic Engines.
4. Application of CAD software (Catia, ProE) and designing software’s.
5. Automatic Transmission in Automobiles.
6. Hydraulic and pneumatic actuators.
7. Gear Fault detection in gear box using oil conditioning monitoring.
8. Improvisation during the last two decades in passenger cars.
9. Advanced radiator concepts and smart materials.
10. Recent trends in Mechanical Engineering.
11. Kinematics/dynamics of Robotic Manipulators.
12. Robotic Applications: Present & Future.

1. Embedded Systems.
2. Augmented Reality.
3. Natural Language Processing.
4. Genetic Algorithms.
5. Cloud Computing.
6. Bio-Inspired Computing.
7. Semantic Web.
8. Mobile Computing and Data Intensive Computing.
9. Soft Computing including multi-criteria Analysis.
10. Artificial Intelligence.
11. Big Data Analytics.

1. 4G Technology.
2. Mobile Satellite Communication.
3. Future of Mobile Technology.
4. Optoelectronics.
5. Nanotechnology.
6. VLSI.

1. Artificial Intelligence in Substation Control.
2. Automated Energy Meter Reading for Billing Purpose.
3. I-Series Processor.
4. Electromagnetic Bomb.
5. Humanoid Robotics.
6. MEMS.
7. Night Vision Technology
8. Power Quality Issues with Grid Connected Wind Energy Systems.
9. Renewable Energy & Environment Protection.
10. Smart City Development in India-Concept & Challenges.
11. Maglev Vehicles.

1. Troubles of Chinese Economy open-up a window of opportunities for India: Comment.
2. Downward slide of Rupee V/s Dollar-Opportunities and Challenges.
3. Make in India: Opportunities and Challenges.
4. Role of Start-ups in Emerging Economies.
5. Recent Developments in India’s Foreign Trade and their long term likely impact.
6. Which is more important- Value of Customer or Value to the Customer.
7. Emerging Trends in Internet Marketing.
8. Land Acquisition Bill: Its application to the Economic Growth of India.
9. The Crucial Role of Skill Development in Winning the War against Unemployment.
10. Role of ‘Niti Aayog’ in Future Development of India.

1. Earthquake Engineering - Seismic risk reduction in NCR region.
2. Water Supply & Sanitation under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.
3. Evolution of Skyscrapers.
4. Application of remote Sensing and GIS techniques.
5. Interlinking of Indian Rivers- Challenges and Prospects.
6. Intelligent Transportation System.
7. Passive Solar Building.
8. Tunnel Engineering- Analysis of Tunnel/Rock slope.
9. Use of Fly Ash Blast Furnace Slag in Building Construction Concrete Technology.
10. Risk Management in infrastructure-contract Management.
11. Green Building.


1. The competition will be open to all bonafide students of Engineering and Management Colleges.
2. Maximum of 3 and minimum of 2 authors per paper.
3. A synopsis as per sample synopsis is to be uploaded by laid down date. Based on the synopsis, an experts committee will select the papers for inclusion in the final presentation. (FILE TYPE : pdf only , MAX SIZE : 2.5 MB)
4. For presentation, a time slot of 7 minutes + 3 minutes (for Q&A) will be given to each team.
5. A soft copy of the final paper is to be sent before the designated date.
6. The paper to be typed in single space, double column format, using Times New Roman font & size 12. Maximum number of pages to be 10 and the page should have no numbers. A margin of 1’’ all around to be left.
7. First page to include Title, Name(s) of authors, their college name, telephone numbers as well as e-mail addresses. This information to be included with extended abstract also.


10th October, 2015 : Last Date for Registration and Submission of Synopsis
16th October, 2015 : Notification of Synopsis Selection.
19th October, 2015 : Last Date for Submission of Final Paper.
23rd October, 2015 : Main Event


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